Building Excitement

Elevating the arts elevates a community’s aspirations.

Swire maintains its long-standing commitment to the arts, in our buildings and in our communities, because we believe they raise the quality of people’s lives, forging valuable connections between our employees, residents and the wider community.

We believe deeply that art should not be restricted to concert halls and museums though we support those too, but should be presented in public venues for everyone to enjoy.

The walking paths and common areas of Brickell Key serve as an excellent example of this commitment – showcasing an extensive art collection placed for the enjoyment of all who may pass by on a given day.

For example, Cuban master sculptor Manuel Carbonell’s 30-ft bronze statue depicting Tequesta Indian blowing a conch shell, “The Centinela del Rio”, has come to be recognized as the Miami River’s signature landmark. And an impressive weathervane sculpture by Jean Claude Rigaud greets you as you enter Brickell Key.

Many smaller but equally wonderful art installations are to be found as one strolls the mile-long Brickell Key Baywalk, which has also been the scene of numerous musical performances, from jazz bands to lion dancing.

The new Brickell City Centre, now in development, promises to provide a substantial new venue for Swire to showcase important artworks and performances, as well.

And to ensure that the works keep coming, we have created the Swire Carbonell Scholarship Fund, benefitting undergraduate art and art history students at Florida International University.