Environmental Policy

Positive performance comes naturally.

Even in today’s eco-educated marketplace, short-sightedness is still too common. At Swire, we are deeply committed to the long view; resource sustainability and environmental stewardship play an principal role in our decision-making, management, culture and practices. We believe such proactive considerations are essential as public demands for corporate accountability and transparency grow.

As responsible developers, we maintain focus on the impact our activities may have on the environment – and continually strive to lessen that effect. While cognizant of current legal requirements for environmental best practices, we look beyond simply measuring our performance against legislation. Finding innovative new ways to “do better” is a priority for all Swire companies.

The seven pillars of Swire Properties’ environmental policy.

  • Ensure that our activities are, whenever possible, ahead of legal requirements and standards for environmental best practices
  • Reduce the quantity of polluting substances we discharge
  • Minimize the impact of our activities on the community
  • Increase our use of environmentally acceptable materials, equipment and technology in place of those considered harmful
  • Ensure that our suppliers follow an acceptable environmental policy and discourage dealings with those who do not
  • Encourage the widest possible environmental awareness among staff, their families and the general public
  • Actively promote environmental awareness amongst clients, customers and the general public

Significant results on both the micro and the macro scale.

Our philosophy has proven both ethically and competitively advantageous time and again. In every sense, sustainability has been a rewarding goal – and green initiatives which may cost money to implement in the short term, have brought substantial cost and marketing benefits in the longer term.

We’ve also learned that small-scale efforts are just as important as the high-profile ones, and that doing the environmentally right thing doesn’t always involve costly investment in new technologies. Often, it is more about developing new ways to simply conserve resources, applying the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover. From downgauging aluminum cans and PET bottles, to recycling paper in our offices, Swire companies worldwide have embraced a wide range of initiatives – from the complex and largescale to the simple and painless.

We seek to engender a vital corporate culture by incorporating sustainable development goals proactively in our business plans – rather than relegating them to the category of desirable afterthought.

The results of these policies have been significant, worldwide. In fact, in recognition of its leadership in environmental best practices, Swire Properties’ parent company is routinely included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and has been named to the prestigious U.N. Global Roll of Honour for outstanding environmental contributions.